Being tired of traditional fairs – often with a small conference in annex – we started organizing the opposite: a strong conference, with a business-networking environment in annex… We focus on what really matters for organizations: innovation and business transformation. And since 2020 our Conferences, Masterclasses, Executive Briefings, Expert Talks run through our

We focus on the following topics: Digital Transformation, Cloud, Data Management, Analytics, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Privacy, Employee Experience and Management.

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As we are a professional conference organizer, we have exceptional project management skills. Next to that we have our own conferences with focus on digital transformation and innovation. There we work closely together with our advisory board to spot market trends and react to them.

Together we identify, create and inspire by offering state-of-the art knowledge and insights on these topics. Our community is eager to hear more about you!

Establishing ransomware awareness

Take a guess: How long will your company be out of business regardless paying or not paying to ransomware criminals. (The answer will baffle you and can be found in our video below) The war against cyber terrorism is real. With millions of attacks every day, every organization - without exception - should be prepared.

It is crucial to protect what is most valuable to your company: your data! Together with Veeam and Secutec we want to inform and prevent. During this particular webinar project we gave exclusive insights on this topic: How do ransomware criminals operate? How can I protect my business against these threats? How does a ransomware negotiation look like? What about my back-up? Is it ready for a fast recovery?

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Since 2020 our conferences and other initiatives run through, a unique Netflix-like B2B digital platform and a 24/7 source of inspiration and continuous learning for business and every other type of organization.

The conference and learning platform is about inspiring, learning, and connecting professionals around the world. We target managers and experts who are looking for insights and inspiration. But in the same way we give technology and service providers, researchers, and innovation experts the opportunity to contribute to the substantive debate. Organizations and experts can discover each other in a noncommittal way.


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