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Discover the impact of IoT on circular economy

The world is slowly beginning to realize that we need to be more careful with our scare resources. While raw materials will soon be depleted and the world is forced to keep up with our consumption drive, there is more waste and unuseable materials. It’s about time we’d start getting…

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Contribute to building a smart city with a Cubee parcel locker!

Cubee demonstrated their lockers at the Internet of Things Smart Cities Convention in Antwerp on June 6. They extend their special convention terms to the Brewery of Ideas network. 5 reasons why you should choose Cubee 1. It is a solution for the incoming and outgoing flow of parcels in…

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Smart Cities are no longer a far-away dream

We have been talking about Smart Cities for quite some time now. A number of large cities are taking the lead, but in smaller cities, action is often limited to a few interesting initiatives or a good plan. The arrival of the Internet of Things means that many smart city…

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Smart home toepassingen die het wooncomfort en de veiligheid verhogen

Het Antwerpse bedrijf Sentesia brengt sinds kort een aantal smart home toepassingen op de markt waarmee je snel en eenvoudig het comfort en de veiligheid van je woning/ruimte kan vergroten. Dit nieuwe, flexibele systeem – dat zich makkelijk laat bedienen met de smartphone – blinkt uit in gebruiksgemak en is…

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The challenges of IoT and the influence of GDPR

IoT is all around us in our daily life, even more than we can imagine. We have probably all heard about Google Home, Alexa, Siri and Smart TV’s, but next to these a lot of other devices are also connected to internet. Most of the time we are not even…

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June 6th: Third edition of the Internet of Things Smart Cities Convention

The third edition of the Internet of Things Convention Europe will give you a broader view on the European and Belgian IoT landscape. We offer you a day of innovating ideas and networking opportunities. What IoT-applications will change our daily lives? And what trends should we keep an eye on?…

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