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What are the biggest mistakes companies make with data security?

First of all, the failure of seeing data security as an organization-wide “business problem” and instead considering data security as an “IT problem”. Many organizations have launched data security projects fully within the IT department. This will probably lead to a strong implementation of data security controls, but will have…

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Data Protection Officer: “When” do you need one and “How” do you need one?

There are a lot of questions being asked about the role of the data protection officer (DPO) and when and where one is needed under the GDPR. In this first blog on DPO, we will cover the following questions: What is a DPO? When and where is a DPO needed?…

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Why SMEs need cyber security protection just as much as enterprises

It’s no secret that cyber criminals like to try out their latest tricks on big businesses, with high-profile enterprises falling foul of the criminals’ collective efforts at an alarming rate. It’s unlikely that a vicious cyber attack on a smaller enterprise will garner anywhere near the degree of publicity that…

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Architectural security for embedded control systems

Security issues in computer systems are pervasive and embedded control systems – from smart home appliances, the Internet of Things, to critical infrastructure in factories or power plants – are no different. This blog post summarises a line of research on architectural support for security features in embedded processors, with…

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Securing Industry 4.0

To meet their fullest potential, Industry 4.0 programs must now apply holistic savvy thinking to all aspects of the industrial processes to be digitally transformed. By James Hayes. Whether you call it the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, or (more commonly) ‘Industry 4.0’, the trend for automation and data exchange in manufacturing…

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Cyberguide – Develop your organization’s cyber security plan

Your organization’s own cyber security plan In 2016, two thirds of Belgian companies were victims of cybercrime. For most companies, the damage was limited to a disruption of daily operations. However for 9% of the companies affected by cyber extortion and blackmail, the damage amounted to more than 10,000 euros…

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The Cyber Security KIT: for SMEs and organizations raise awareness about cyber security among their employees.

The Cyber Security KIT was developed by the Cyber Security Coalition and the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium. With this kit, we want to help SMEs and organizations raise awareness about cyber security among their employees. To be sure, cyber fraud is expected to increase in the next few years, so…

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Expertenpanel: Risk Management by Trends

Gedurende de maand augustus 2018 gingen in totaal 477 bedrijven failliet in België en dikwijls ligt een foutief beheer van allerlei risico’s aan de basis. Risicobeheer is dus een cruciaal middel om de continuïteit van de onderneming te waarborgen. Met deze cijfers in de hand, werd de cross-mediale campagne Risk…

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Why confidence and security must go hand in hand

In any industry, confidence is a key trait for a business to be successful. The company itself must be understanding its operations and ability to deliver what customers want, who in turn must trust the company they’re buying from. If either of these traits are broken, it can spell serious trouble.  …

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Use The Identity Hub to secure modern web apps, with minimal effort.

The Identity Hub is a service platform developed by U2U Consult that facilitates mobile and web app developers to quickly setup and integrate with a unified identity system that sup-ports all major account providers (social accounts like Microsoft account, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, organizational accounts like Active Directory /…

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Infographic: Facts & Figures about Cyber Security

Cyber security is a fast-evolving field where it’s important to stay up to date on new trends and evolutions. That’s why we’ve made you a convenient infographic 12 estonishing facts & figures on cyber security. A must read for every cyber security professional.  

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Funding cyber security myths or reality? By Cranium

Can we be sure of well-thought-out cyber security plan and funding or is a change in approach needed.     Security is: SIEM, NIDS, OWASP, SCANNING, CVE, ISO 27k, NIST, DDOS, CRYPTOLOCKER, PORT 443, TLS v1.3, REV PROXY, … These security topics are all well-known and obvious, right? Data related topics: API integrations, 3rd parties, international data transfer, data lake, big  data, mobile devices, 4th parties, … We know where our data is right?   So how do you determine the way to budget and spend the money you have available for cyber security resources?  Not long ago, businesses had an IT…

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3 reasons why your company should invest in cyber security

In a business world were digitization and customers’ privacy are key, safeguarding data has become a real must. Facebook, Ticketmaster, Adidas, Orange… the image of these companies was severely damaged after a security breach became public knowledge. Here are 3 key reasons that explain why investing in cyber security means…

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After successful editions in Barcelona and Bucharest the EuroCloud Forum 2017 unites Cloud Computing experts in Mechelen at its eighth summit. Brewery Of Ideas is invited to operate the first Belgian passage of Europe’s most primary Cloud event. Together we feature a unique double bill with the Belgian Cyber Security…

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