All the reasons why industrials should be concerned about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer something exclusive for large, multinational industrials. Even small and midsize industrials and manufacturing enterprises should be thinking about AI. Companies are collecting so much data from production systems, but that data analytics is not used to drive something. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in…

Belgian companies spend their AI investments mainly in technologies such as machine learning (81%) that enable computers to recognize data models in large quantities. Bingli and Lynxcare are two Belgian companies who implemented artificial intelligence in their day to day business.

Machine learning can be used as a valuable tool to identify patterns in big data and drive valuable insights for your business decisions. But that’s not the complete story. Organizations should use artificial intelligence to leverage that those insights make something happen: autonomously and in real time.

An application of AI is a production line schedule automatically modifying itself due to changes in resource availability and managing that change across the entire supply chain to avoid interruptions or conflicts. AI-driven intelligence will play a crucial role in helping businesses compete effectively in the JIT economy.

Big or little AI?
Big artificial intelligence means using big data to solve complex problems, in different departments or production lines. Little artificial intelligence is applied on micro problems, focused on for example optimizing a single product line.

The first step to start implenting artificial intelligence is updating your infrastructure. That means enabling the flow of information and the systems processing. If you don’t, it doesn’t make sense to deploy sensors to gather data and analytics to make sense of it all. Finally, you should use those data to optimize your organization and enjoy the full advantages of AI. (Andersen, 2017)

The majority of the industrial companies are just in a start-up phase of this evolution. But if you take the fast-evolving digital transformation into account, investing in AI makes a lot of sense.

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