We organize conferences and executive briefings

Being tired of traditional fairs – often with a small conference in annex – we started organizing the opposite: a strong conference, with a business-networking environment in annex… We focus on what really matters for organizations: innovation and business transformation.


Executive Briefings

Our Executive Briefings have the ambition to bring C-level managers up to speed on an innovative subject.

Bij Management aan Tafel verwelkomen we maandelijks een gastspreker, tevens auteur en een expert in z’n vak, die recent zijn of haar naam mocht drukken op een nieuw boek.

Our ingredients are content, added value and networking.


We gather public sector during our seminars

Monthly, we gather digital solution providers with public sector employees and decision makers at Strategic Seminars. Our aim is to work towards a modern, paperless and innovative government. During our 1/2 day seminars, we talk and discuss different innovative themes.


We are a hub for innovation and business transformation

Via our Insights-newsletter, companies and managers are informed about what really matters for them, when it comes to how technology can be used for the benefit of their customers.

Let’s brew some ideas together

Whether you’re looking for an event organizer, a communication expert, a social media sidekick,
practical organizers.. you name it, we have it! B2B focused events are our centrepiece.

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