The House of Marketing explains 4 steps to transform your company into an innovative business

On November 22nd, Stefan Herrebosch, Innovation Consultant at The House of Marketing, takes the stage during the Customer Journey Conference in Ghent. Deep-diving into business design thinking, he explains how the progressive methodology can be applied to transform your business into an innovative company.

What does business design thinking actually mean? In short, it’s a customer-centered approach to innovation to cope with our constantly changing world, as it’s an agile method that allows you to move fast. The market need for business innovations has undoubtedly increased, although many companies struggle with the build up of an innovative culture. They don’t know where to start or lack a burning platform.

At The House of Marketing, we developed an innovation kickstart kit: a sequence of 4 steps to kick off your innovation journey with low-barrier activities. Each step is linked to a template (Vision Canvas, Environment Map Canvas, Observation Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas) to make the process as hands-on as possible for you and your team.

  1. Align on your innovation strategy – Vision Canvas

Define your company’s vision and mission regarding your innovation strategy to make sure your ideas are aligned with the DNA of your business and the overall innovation objective.


  1. Identify trends and changing needs in the market – Environment Map Canvas

Analyze your market, competitors and emerging technologies to fight innovation blindness.


  1. Determine unmet needs of your customers – Observation Canvas

Zoom in on your customers and buyers to get a deep understanding of the behavior of your target market and customers.


  1. Create value through an adapted offering aligned with the market needs – Value Proposition Canvas

Start from your customer insights and ideate valuable products and services. You should now be able to respond with an innovation that’s aligned with what the market and your customers need.


Apply this proven 4-step process to maintain a clear direction and to align your entire team around your innovation objective.