Meet our team

This small team of hard-working do-it-alls completes any task.

Peter Buelens

As the founder of the team, Peter is the prime knowledge base always eager to share years of experience and strategic insights. Management consultant with a weak spot for creative thinking.

Ellen De Boeck

Digital Content Marketeer
Social media & creativity with just a dash of marketing. Those are the ingredients that our content marketeer Ellen uses to create savvy content and spread the word about the different BOI brands on all platforms.


Event & Partner Manager

As BOI values long-term relationships, Pieter is our go-to guy for interested sponsors, partners & other third parties.

Next to relationship management, brainstorming is one of his favorite activities. Making our events truly unforgettable.

Let’s brew some ideas together

Whether you’re looking for an event organizer, a communication expert, a social media sidekick,
practical organizers.. you name it, we have it! B2B focused events are our centrepiece.

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