A big thanks to all attendees for our first lovely and most important interesting morning. Management Aan Tafel took off successfully, where now and in the future, management-related books, enthusiast authors, interested leaders and an extensive breakfast are the perfect combination.

During this first edition, Jan De Schepper presented his book ‘Kopmannen’ to the audience. Kopmannen is an ode to the principles that topleaders an top-athletes share and have in common. Using an amusing presentation, this was fully explained in workshop style where Jan shared all this aspects, which are applicable to the business world. The morning was closed with a lot of laughter, where Jan provided every guest with a signed copy of his book.

This first edition was the first of monthly breakfast meetings, organized in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Zaventem. The second breakfast meeting will be given by Jo Caudron, author of ‘Digital Transformation’. Maybe we welcome you during one of our next events!