June 6th: Third edition of the Internet of Things Smart Cities Convention

The third edition of the Internet of Things Convention Europe will give you a broader view on the European and Belgian IoT landscape. We offer you a day of innovating ideas and networking opportunities.

What IoT-applications will change our daily lives? And what trends should we keep an eye on? Over more than 35 experts will give an answer to these questions and no less than 55 companies will demonstrate their new technologies to the big public. One thing is clear: Businesses are investing in IoT more than ever.

#IoT18 focusses on 5 important tracks this year:
The central topic this year will be Smart Cities because, to be honest, we still have a long way to go. Which technologies are available to make our cities smart? Where lie the different opportunities? Well, for starters we will cover five different tracks in our conference: Mobility, Industry 4.0, Enablers, Health and living.

The first track, Mobility, will explain how important it is to improve (public) transport and traffic in general so it works properly. The second track, Industry 4.0, will give you more insight into automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. With the third track Enablers, we mean all the tools that make it possible to work with Internet of Things. Generally, these are devices, data & analytics, technology providers, communication on security and more. Health is our fourth track and also very essential in our Smart City tale. This theme will show you what IoT can yield for a healthy population, a vital city, hospitals and nursing homes, residential homes, etc. Last but not least our fifth track will show you how it is possible to live in such a city: Living. Within this track we will talk about subtopics like house & living, home automation, smart working (businesses) and architecture.

Each track will be explained by experts through cases to demonstrate it even better.

This is also a great opportunity to expand your network and go home with meaningful information about IoT. The whole IoT day package includes food and drinks.

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Contact & Questions:
Manon Erb +32 4 94 68 10 16 or manon.erb@breweryofideas.be