Discover 6 trends in customer journey

In an ever-changing field such as customer journey it is key to stay up to date on all the new evolutions, trends and customs. That’s why we’ve written a very to the point blogpost on 6 evolutions in customer journey, customer experience and journey mapping.


1. Survey pullback

Companies will no longer ask customers to give their feedback on almost everything. They will focus their data areas where they are prepared to take action.


2. Persona popularization

Designing personas and behavioral segments such as purchasing behavior, customer loyalty, engagement level and so on will become an even more mainstream tool. Using this method holds 2 advantages for your company:

Personalization Using personas and behavioral segments will help you target different groups of consumers with different types of preferences for example the number of touchpoints and type of touchpoints.

Prioritization Your company will be able to identify high-value customer segments. So it will be possible to make smarter decisions to best allocate your time, budget and resources.

3. Digital integration

Companies will take the next step to digitation by building and analyzing experiences that connect together digital channels with contact centers and physical locations.


4. Augemented reality

Augmented reality isn’t such a new concept, but it’s quite new in the customer experience field. It is one of the newest ways for customers to interact with a brand. This is an opportunity for companies to have more contact with their customers and to recruit more brand ambassadors.

5. All employees are customer engagement agents

Advances in artificial intelligence and robotic automation will blur the lines between service agents, sales people and marketers. All customer-facing employees will be able to service, sell or do everything in the moment. And back-office employees will need to view their jobs in the context of delivering outcomes for customers.

6. Future-state journey mapping

Future-state journey mapping means predicting new customer experiences and making these an integral part of the journey mapping approach in your company. This is important because it focuses on envisioning the future to create innovative experiences and find new areas of customer value.

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