Cyberguide – Develop your organization’s cyber security plan

Your organization’s own cyber security plan
In 2016, two thirds of Belgian companies were victims of cybercrime. For most companies, the damage was limited to a disruption of daily operations. However for 9% of the companies affected by cyber extortion and blackmail, the damage amounted to more than 10,000 euros (source:, 29/6/2017).

Therefore we advise all organizations to develop their own cyber security strategy, so they can better arm themselves against cyber attacks. Though, a detailed cyber security plan does not have to be an insurmountable task.

To get them started, the Center for Cybersecurity Belgium developed in collaboration with the SPF Economy and the Cyber Security Coalition, the free reference guide ‘cyberguide. 


This online cyber security reference guide provides both basic and more advanced security measures, bundled into 4 categories: 


  1. Plan your cyber security – Define your strategy and your security politics.
  2. Manage risks for your most important assets – Identify your important assets and the risks they run.
  3. Take security measures – Implement your security measures.
  4. Evaluate your actions – Continually evaluate your results.


For each measure you will find a description, practical information and useful web links and tools to help your organization step up the cybersecurity level, limit cyber security risks, reduce vulnerabilities and improve its resilience. 


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