Customer journey! Say what?

Most companies are more or less familiar with the term ‘customer journey’, but there are only a few companies who have a real understanding of the concept and the different phases. Do you want know all about this ‘mysterious’ marketing concept? Just keep on reading.

A customer journey is the journey that starts from the moment the customer comes into contact with your brand for the first time until he makes a purchase and becomes a happy customer who will return. The contact moments between your brand and a customer are called touchpoints. Some examples of touchpoints are visiting a website, a phone call conversation, seeing a Facebook ad and so on.

According to the McKinsey theory (also known as the marketing funnel) there are 6 phases in a customer journey. These are: awareness, interest, consideration, intent, purchase and loyalty.



In the first stage, consumers are very passive. They are ‘aware’ that your brand or product exists, but they aren’t acting upon that fact. Display advertising, Facebook advertising, print media or word of mouth are best used in this situation.


After awareness comes interest. This is the phase were consumers are developing a real interest in your brand, product or service. You can help this stage along by targeted content, newsletters and more.


During this phase, the consumer is making a choice between different brands and he’s considerating yours as well. You should provide those consumers with specific product information. This can be done by using automated email campaigns, case studies, free trials and more.


In this phase consumers have the intention to buy a certain product, but they haven’t done it so far. Adding a product to a shopping cart is an example of intent. Sales adds can be helpful during this stage.



This stage speaks for itself of course; it is the moment where the sales transaction is completed.


And finally we have loyalty. If your customers are satisfied with their purchase, they will transform into loyal customers. This can result in positive word of mouth, repeat purchases, brand ambassadors…

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