Convince doubting online customers and maximize your profits

In a world filled with choices, it’s only natural that consumers doubt when they are shopping online. That indesisiveness causes people to do excessive research and compare brands before eventually making a purchase. This means that organizations constantly have to focus on gaining and retaining trust. But how do you actually do that, eliminating doubt? You should convince your audience that you are the best option for them.


  1. Create a fear of missing out and reduce risks

Consumers tend to order more when they are offered something exclusive. Why? Because people fear that they will miss out on something important or unique. Doubting customers who are about to leave your website to collect more information, are inclined to order when they receive a special offer (like free shipping) during the checkout phase.

With such deals you take a lot of doubt away from your customers. They increase the fear of missing out and encourage shoppers to immediately make a purchase.


  1. Listen to your customers and improve the overall experience

The expectations of consumers are higher than ever, therefore offering an excellent customer experience is essential for e-commerce company’s. But how do you determine what a good customer experience is? The ideal is experience occurs when the purchasing decision is made as pleasant and simple as possible. It is important to be well aware of the expectations of your customers, so that you can exceed them.

During the buying decision, customers are constantly looking for the opinion of other consumers. For that reason, word of mouth advertsing and your company reputation are two of the most important aspects to take into account within the customer journey.


  1. Answer customer questions by using reviews

Online reviews strengthen the consumer confidence by responding to specific questions during the consumer’s buying decision. By showing reviews on your website, consumers don’t have to leave your website to do research, will lead to a higher conversion.

Online reviews are a good reflection of the way customers feel about your products and how a company handles problems and dissatisfaction. By communicating the overall customer experience to your audience in a direct and clear manner, questions are answered, doubts are reduced and purchasing decisions are accelerated.


  1. Use referral marketing

The chance that a consumer buys something is 4 times as large when the company is recommended by a friend. Word of mouth advertising is still one of the most effective recommendation methods and is a perfect tool for removing doubts. Companies that use referral marketing (a method to acitivate satisfied customers as company ambassadors) are more likely to turn indecisive consumers into paying customers.

This method is not only more cost-effective than traditional marketing, it also contributes to consumer confidence, which increases the chances of succes in the long term. Moreover, saved costs and resources can be used in other ways within your company.

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