Contribute to building a smart city with a Cubee parcel locker!

Cubee demonstrated their lockers at the Internet of Things Smart Cities Convention in Antwerp on June 6. They extend their special convention terms to the Brewery of Ideas network.

5 reasons why you should choose Cubee

1. It is a solution for the incoming and outgoing flow of parcels in city centers
The lockers centralize where the parcels are delivered and returned throughout strategic access points decided by you!

2. It will boost the local economy
Local merchants can also use the lockers to make their products available for their consumers 24/7.

3. The lockers are accessible 24/7
Cubee is the only Belgian provider that installs lockers outside. Because the lockers are installed outside, they can be accessed at all times. The locations are convenient places for the consumer like universities for students or train stations for the commuters. Everyone has to go to the supermarket so why not pick up your parcel when you’re there? That’s why Cubee has already partnered with several supermarkets like Lidl and Carrefour.

4. Usability is Cubee’s number one goal
The consumer doesn’t have to register beforehand because Cubee partners with the logistical companies themselves. This means the process has a complete E2E track & trace. This is a must for everyone’s security.

5. Proof of quality: consumers give a satisfaction score of 9,1/10
Between February 27 2018 and March 13 2018 Cubee questioned 318 of their consumers about their experience with Cubee.

To learn more about becoming a Cubee partner, visit their website or contact them to profit from your exclusive convention discount.