Digital Transformation conference

The Digital Transformation Conference is a yearly conference and is all about the Digital Workspace, society and technology. Online meetings, Internet of Things, Mobile platforms, the use of cloud, online collaboration and communication and so on. In these domains, 4 main tracks will be covered and discussed by our experts:

Business Innovation
All about which strategy & vision could help you innovate your leadership and organization as a whole.

Customer Innovation
No organization without customers so our second track focuses on new clients and their customer journey.

Technology Innovation
Will show you the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, robots, blockchain,

Sustainability Innovation
This track covers the ecological and social impact all these transformations have on our way of living.

Our advisory board features Jo Caudron (Digital Transformation), Olivier Van DuĆ¼ren (The Dualarity), Omar Mohout (Antwerp Management School), Henri Jacobs (ForcIT), Johan Loeckx (VUB, Artificial Intelligence Lab) and Peter Buelens (Brewery of Ideas).


Second edition
Date april 18th, 2018
Lamot Congres Centre, Mechelen
+/- 700 visitors
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