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2 biggest challenges in digital transformation (and how to resolve them)

30 years ago, IT teams were the go-to experts in companies concerning technology and digitization. They were the decision makers and dictated the company’s digital strategy, what applications needed to be used and what tools and platforms needed to be bought. Nowadays, people are getting more and more IT savvy.…

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Facts & Figures about Digital Transformation

We all know that digital transformation is crucial for every company. But how crucial exactly? What’s the impact of all this technology on our professional and private life? Just keep on reading to discover all the facts and figures… Source:

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All the reasons why industrials should be concerned about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer something exclusive for large, multinational industrials. Even small and midsize industrials and manufacturing enterprises should be thinking about AI. Companies are collecting so much data from production systems, but that data analytics is not used to drive something. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in… Belgian…

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Convince doubting online customers and maximize your profits

In a world filled with choices, it’s only natural that consumers doubt when they are shopping online. That indesisiveness causes people to do excessive research and compare brands before eventually making a purchase. This means that organizations constantly have to focus on gaining and retaining trust. But how do you…

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SNEAK PEEK: ‘Meaningful Marketing’ van Bart Lombaerts

Hoe bouw je een duurzame, betekenisvolle marketingaanpak op? De vraag waarop Bart Lombaerts het antwoord wilt geven met zijn nieuwste boek ‘Meaningful Marketing’. Dit boek komt eind November in de winkelrekken maar vandaag geven wij jullie al een voorproefje! De perceptie van reclame gaat er jaar na jaar op achteruit.…

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Blockchain Summit 2018 was a huge success

100 attendees, 13 national and international speakers and 5 interesting business cases. Blockchain Summit Belgium was a big success. This conference answered questions such as ‘Where exactly is the provable business case and blockchain’s added value?’; ‘What could be a realistic roadmap to implement blockchain?’; ‘How do I identify whether…

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