2 biggest challenges in digital transformation (and how to resolve them)

30 years ago, IT teams were the go-to experts in companies concerning technology and digitization. They were the decision makers and dictated the company’s digital strategy, what applications needed to be used and what tools and platforms needed to be bought. Nowadays, people are getting more and more IT savvy. Digital transformation isn’t an IT issue anymore, but a boardroom issue. The focus has shifted to finding new ways to improve efficiency and save costs through the use of technology. In order for this shift to run smoothly, IT departments have to stop being seen as gatekeepers of digitilisation but as partners to improve the business performance.

Giving up control

In the past, the IT team’s job was to keep people out; meaning that they had to deny unauthorized people access and inspect elements of the business network. The new focus is on how to accept, manage and mitigate risks. They have to trust the other departments that they follow regulations regarding GDPR.

Budgeting and finance

It’s no secret: digital transformation costs money. It can be hard to get extra budget to spend on a new service, platform or tool especially when you’re still spending money on your “old” tools. A detailed three- or four-year plan will come in handy in this type of situation. It enables companies to gradually work towards a digital transformation by determining the timing, costs, risks and benefits of the upcoming changes.


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