On the 8th of June, the first big IOT-B2B convention takes place in Brussels, Hôtel de la Poste. With more than 750 attendees, almost 60 sponsors and partners and more than 30 speakers, it promises to become a very interesting day. The convention was organized because Belgium didn’t know an overall meeting point for all industries active in Internet of Things. Tomorrow, everything will be connected. The advantages of this generalized connectivity are huge, for users and customers, as well as for the solution pmroviders and the industry: better monitoring, more security, lower operating costs, energy efficiency, faster and more pro-active servicing and better technical support. And moreover, providers will be able to tune their services to the needs of their customers! Every party involved – and society in general – will take advantage of what these days some opinion makers are calling the ‘internet of everything’.

Even in more traditional sectors, Internet of Things (IoT) will open-up enormous opportunities. Trend watchers expect IoT will give economy, research and industry a groundbreaking move. The impact of IoT on near future society will be unmistakably high. Belgian industry cannot afford to miss this train.

The rollout of IoT-connectivity is moving fast-forward in ecosystems such as smart living, smart cities and health care. Apart from this, there is still a lot of work in front of us and one of the biggest challenges is the availability of standardized reusable horizontal components…


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    • Peter Buelens

      Hello! Many thanks for your interest in the Internet of Things Convention. Our previous edition took place on June 8th, but because we can speak of a huge success, a second edition will be organized in June 2017. We’ll definitely keep you in touch using our website! Many kind regards.

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