We craft B2B experiences

We instigate. We connect. We match the innovators with the decision-makers and fire up the engine. But above all: we spread knowledge in a changing world.
Brewery of ideas was born in 2015 as a consulting agency with the mission to bring businesses together. Now we are one of the prime organizers of the b2b market filling up the gaps.

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We organize Conventions and Conferences

Being tired of traditional fairs we started doing them ourselves. We wanted to let business happen in a place where simplicity and detail go hand in hand. Content-driven & informal conferences. So you can focus on what really matters.


We gather public sector during our seminars

Monthly, we gather digital solution providers with public sector employees and decision makers at Strategic Seminars. Our aim is to work towards a modern, paperless and innovative government. During our 1/2 day seminars, we talk and discuss different innovative themes.


Management Breakfast meetings

Add some fresh business books to your morning coffee. Management Aan Tafel brings managers together for a two hour breakfast session with an acclaimed management author.  Stay updated without missing the first meeting of your schedule.


We build powerful brands and help them succeed

Besides working hard on our own brands, we also help other companies their communication and event management. From crisis communication to social media posts: we provide advice, services and support during the whole process.

So What’s next?

Are You Ready? Let’s Work!