Internet of Things Convention 2016-2017

IoT Convention Europe is a yearly convention organized in Hôtel de la Poste, Brussels. We aim at gathering IoT Companies who are already active in the field and those who might possibly want to IoT-ise or implement IoT products/services in their core-portfolio.

Next edition: June 2017. 

Management Aan Tafel, Monthly seminars

Management Aan Tafel (MAT) organizes, on a monthly basis, book presentations where the author gives an exclusive insight in the essence of his latest management-book. Together with about 30 other attendees, you receive a hand-signed copy of the book, you can network with interesting people and… you enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet. Management Aan Tafel is organized in cooperation with Lannoo Campus.

Next edition: February 2017. 

Digital Transformation Conference, May 2017

Digital Transformation Conference will be all about the Digital Workspace. Online meetings, Internet of Things, Mobile platforms, the use of cloud, online collaboration and communication and so on. In these domains, 4 tracks will be covered: User Experience, Mobile workspace, Mobile Marketing and Data & Analytics.

Next edition: May 2017.

Strategic Seminars

Strategic Seminars focusses on knowledge transfer for government and public agencies. We have the ambition to contribute to a better government, by highlighting new methodologies, groundbreaking technologies and best practices.

Next edition: February 2017.

Cyber Security Convention 2017

The Belgian Cyber Security Convention is organized Brewery of Ideas together with its premium partners on the foundations of the Belgian Internet Security Conference. Nowadays, most business models are built on and around the internet. This is a strength, but also a weakness. Cybercrime, in all its variations, is a fact and a fact that costs businesses and society a huge amount of money: directly, through websites and network infrastructures that are taken offline, but also long-term, because of espionage, stealing data, sabotage, privacy breaches and damage to your reputation.

Next edition: November 2017 

Cloud Computing & Datacenter Forum 2016

On the 17th of November 2015, this conference with more than 50 speakers gave professional visitors a fresh view on the added value of cloud, modern applications, security & privacy, hybrid vs private clouds, smart datacenters and many other topics. This was the first convention of its kind in BeLux! The main goal was to convince non-users of the benefits of cloud computing by offering them qualitative interventions; given by specialists in the domain.

Public Academy

Public Academy is a platform that facilitates companies and individuals to get access to the right training; the training that keeps your skills on track with the challenges of your job. Our training offer – linking up with the best of breed – keeps your knowledge updated and will support you in safeguarding your role and professional position. The website will be refurbished soon.