Belgians first Digital Transformation Conference to gather more than 50 active parties!

Digital Transformation is happening, right here, right now. Or in fact, it has been going on for decades already. How come? Well, the internet changed everything, and most importantly: it changed the way customers look towards the business industry. It has become a normal fact that you and your business are open 24/7, that you deliver your products at their doorstep and they can return it (for free), that they don’t need to print out anything anymore but invoices, news and updates are send out using mail, that they don’t need to take out their creditcard anymore, but they just want to be one fingerprint away of paying what they want.

As organizers of Cloud Computing Forum, Management Aan Tafel, Internet of Things Convention, and so on, we’ve been in touch with a lot of different companies, small and big. During these processes we noticed: a lot of them claim to be digital, but in fact there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. Transforming your daily workflows into a completely or partly digital business model, must come from within. It’s not about implementing just one element of the digital chain; one must not forget its strategy, its vision, its employees and its brand.

Therefore, the Digital Transformation Conference offers a whole wide range of digital solutions for your company. Whether your focus lies on creating more user experience and added value, on a mobile marketing strategy, on your future mobile workspace or on the possibilities of gathering data and how to analyze them.

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